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     Company Name: Guangzhou E-dong Sporting Goods Co., Ltd

     Contact Person: Javi Lau  

     Tel: 86-20-36551509

     Fax: 86-20-36551510


     Address: Xiaoshima Industrial zone, No.1 Xiahua Road, Shima Village Junhe Street, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, China


      Welcome to our product page of Skate , in which you can find detailed information of Skate . Our Skate is good in quality and competitive in price. We are manufacturer and supplier of Skate . We export Skate . We supply OEM service of Skate for you. We would manufacture Skate following your specific requirement. We are looking forward to your E-mail and establishing cooperative relationship! We would provide professional Skate with good services for you!
      Roller Skate
      Products description:
        Roller Skate, In-line Skate , Inline Skate, Inline Skate Shoes, Adjustable Roller Skate Roller Skate 1.Best adjustable roller skat...
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      kick scooter
      Products description:
      kick scooter, Flashing Scooter ,aluminum scooter,3-wheel scooter, musical scooter ,Scooter kick scooter 1.3 wheel premium aluminum kick sco...
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      In-line Skate Sets
      Products description:
        Adjustable In-line Skate ,Inline Skate, Roller Skate Shoes ,Inline Skate Shoes,Roller Skate.Skate shoes In-line Skate Sets 1.In...
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      Wheel scooter
      Products description:
      Scooter , kick scooter , 2-wheel scooter, aluminum scooter Wheel scooter 1. 2-wheel Wheel Scooter with PU flashing wheels and height adjustabl...
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      Aluminum scooter
      Products description:
      Scooter , kick scooter, aluminum scooter, metal scooter . Aluminum scooter 1. 3-wheel High quality Scooter Kick with PU flashing wheels and he...
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      3-wheel kick scooter
      Products description:
        Kick Scooter ,3-wheel scooter,Scooter,Scooter China,aluminum scooter, Scooter for Junior . 3-wheel kick scooter 1.3 wheel premiu...
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      In-line Skate
      Products description:
      In-line Skate, Roller Skate ,Adjustable In-line Skate,Inline Skate, Inline Skate Shoes , Roller Shoes. In-line Skate 1.Best adjustable In-line ...
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